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The NSW Active MedTech Community is a forum for people involved in developing medical devices with electronics and software.


The primary purpose of this community is to educate startups, original equipment manufacturers and MedTech service providers in all aspects of the product development process. Ultimately, we want to improve the poor success rate of innovation. 

Active MedTech entrepreurs face massive learning curves in every aspect of product development - like living at the bottom of a pit with sheer cliffs in all directions. It is not enough for MedTech service providers to do a great job in their narrow field. They must better understand the broader MedTech ecosystem and support their customers in dealing with it. 

Our Vision

We want to make developing Active MedTech products in NSW much easier. Our vision is of a better connected and educated innovation ecosystem, where hardware oriented product development is as common as software innovation. Ultimately we want to do everything we can to support a healthy future for all.


There is a perception that hardware is hard, but that is only if you don't know what you are doing or who to turn to for expert help.  We want to change that perception.


Active MedTech service providers have a relatively low profile, with people often assuming you have to go overseas. We want to raise awareness of the world-class capability we have right here in NSW for delivering world-class medical device innovations. 

Lastly, with all the brilliant expertise we have at our disposal, is outrageous that that 90% of medical innovations still fail. What would it take to achieve a 90% success rate?  That is a fundamental question this community aims to address. 

We will achieve our vision through educational initiatives, networking that supports service providers and entrepreneurs alike and addressing other innovation barriers the community identifies. 


What is an Active medical Device?

Medical devices with power sources, typically involving electronics, are classed as "active", attracting far more regulatory attention than inert medical devices.


A much higher level of technical competence and expertise is required to successfully develop active medical device. As a result, many entrepreneurs are daunted by the task, never realising their dream.

However, with the incredible depth of expertise offered by MedTech service providers in NSW, there is no reason these projects should be any less feasible than others.


In fact the technical challenges actually provide  degree of protection, making it harder for competitors to replicate your idea. So active MedTech may be more lucrative than other forms of medical technology. 

Active explained

Our sponsors

This community is the initiative of Genesys Electronics Design and Circuitwise Electronics Engineering, which fund the operation and organisation of the community by InDepth Communication

Genesys Logo Small Text Only.png

Genesys provides electronics design and software development services for active medical devices. The company specialises in developing smart products that position your company as the leader. It is certified to ISO 13485 for the design of medical devices. 

Circuitwise is a contract electronics manufacturer specialising in complex devices for companies that have a requirement for absolute reliability. The company is certified to ISO 13485 for manufacture of medical devices.

Tiller Logo.png

Tiller Design are designers, thinkers and creators driven to challenge convention and champion better design. It provides product design services for medical devices and is certified to ISO 13485. 

Inspired to make a difference?

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