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Launch of NSW Active MedTech Community

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, service providers, researchers and others involved in the MedTech ecosystem are invited to participate in the life of a new community focused on the development of "smart" medical devices - those with software and electronics.

On 14 November the NSW Active MedTech Community will be launched at an evening event hosted by Venture Cafe in Macquarie Park. The community is being launched by sponsors Genesys Electronics Design and Circuitwise Electronics along with a number of other leading MedTech service providers.

The primary purpose of this community is to educate startups, original equipment manufacturers and MedTech service providers in all aspects of the product development process for active medical devices. Ultimately, we want to improve the poor success rate of innovation.

Active medical devices (Active MedTech) are a subset of the broader MedTech industry, consisting of devices with energy sources, typically involving electronics and software. Active devices range from small hand-held tools for diagnostic support or remotely monitored in-home treatment, through to large hospital-based installations.

There is a perception that developing active MedTech is hard, but that is only if you don't know what you are doing or who to turn to for expert help. We want to change that perception.

The primary purpose of this community is provide educational opportunities and resources for every aspect of the active MedTech development process.

Active MedTech service providers have a relatively low profile, with people often assuming you have to go overseas. We want to raise awareness of the world-class capability we have right here in NSW for delivering world-class medical device innovations.

Connecting innovators with service providers

Much government support focuses on connecting universities with "industry". However, when you look at the MedTech ecosystem, academic research is only one category of a service provider to the entrepreneurs who are ultimately responsible for the product going to market.

A part of the mission of this community is to shine greater light on the valuable role service providers play in successfully bringing innovation to life. We also want to bridge the silos that exist between different categories of service provision.

Most service providers in NSW are great at what they do. However, there are more than 40 distinct categories of service provision and most specialist have little visibility of the other disciplines required for successful commercialisation. This places a high burden on entrepreneurs to coordinate and bridge the knowledge gap. This community aims to provide a forum cross-disciplinary educational opportunities for entrepreneurs and service providers alike.

This community will deliver regular webinars from the leading experts in Active MedTech product development in NSW and arrange quarterly networking opportunities. Stay informed of the community's activities by signing up to our newsletter, or joining the Community's LinkedIn Group. Post using #ActiveMedTech

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14 בנוב׳ 2019

Congratulations to Genesys, CircuitWise and the team for this wonderful initiative – Justin Blows.

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