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Mapping the Active MedTech service provider ecosystem

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

A key initiative of this community is to develop a detailed map of service providers that support the development of Active Medical Devices.

One of the challenges for MedTech entrepreneurs is getting their head around the range of service providers they will need to deal with to successfully commercialise an active medical device. To make this process easier, some members of the community are working together to create a map of service provider categories. This map will explain the role of each type of service provider.

The complexity of the Active MedTech ecosystem is badly underestimated by many. For example, some so-called one-stop shops consist of just industrial design, electronics and software. However, even a cursory examination of the industry reveals ten or so distinct categories of provider, each of which offer several services. The number of mutually exclusive services may well exceed fifty or more.

The complexity of the Active MedTech ecosystem is badly under-estimated by many.

These services can be broadly classified as relating to business services or technical services. These services need to be well integrated for successful commercialisation.

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The industry mapping is being driven by the sponsors of this community. Their motivation comes from a recognition that it is not enough to be excellent at what they do. Entrepreneurs are consistently asking for advice on other aspects of product development and for references to other providers they can trust. A first step to doing that is to understand all the other categories of service provision.

We will be publishing details of the Active MedTech Map as it is developed and asking for input to fill in gaps. We will also be inviting leading firms in each category to deliver an educational webinar on their role in product development.

To be notified of the project's progress and get a copy when the map is released, simply register for our newsletter on the home page.

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